The primary purpose of our Master's Programs are to train those called into vocational, pastoral ministry and church planters for the 3Strand Network and the NABNW in the Pacific Northwest.

Our aim is to complete the training of Cascade School of Theology students pursuing vocational, pastoral ministry and to equip those called into ministry who possess a bachelor's degree and are prepared for graduate level training in theological and practical disciplines.

We are seeking to see pastors and future pastors for our churches formed in four primary ways:

Shepherd Theologians. Pastors who understand who Jesus is and how the gospel and redemptive history work out in the life of the believer.

Shepherd Ecclesiologist. Pastors who understand what a local church is and what it means for that community to live out the gospel together.

Shepherd Disciple-Makers. Pastors who understand what it means to give of themselves to help others follow Jesus and teach others to do the same.

Shepard Missiologists. Pastors who understand the narrative identities of those in their context and can bridge the gap between their church and their community with the gospel

Our student enroll in one of two graduate level Kairos Program tracks, through our partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary. The MABT and M.Div tracks are both non-linear, competency based programs. In each track, the student has a team of advisers to help them along their journey and will participate in a regional cohort to facilitate learning and discipleship in community.

The three ways Cascade Bible College helps the student to be formed in these areas and fulfill Kairos program competencies are through learning communities/regional cohorts, seminars, and independent coursework.

  • Cohorts. Cohorts are groups of ministers-in-training who meet together with a CBC instructor to work through a rotation of subject modules. These modules will be accompanied by assignments that help the student hit particular educational targets as they work toward demonstrating competency in a given area. Because of the non-linear nature of the program a student will jump into whatever module the cohort is currently working on. Cohorts will cover the following subjects: Biblical Theology, Old Testament, 2nd Temple History and Literature, New Testament, Systematic/Historical Theology, Spiritual Theology, and Hermeneutics. 

  • Seminars: CBC will host regular seminars in which specific teaching will be offered in a condensed format. Seminars will be accompanied by follow-up assignments intended to demonstrate the student has accomplished particular educational targets as they work toward demonstrating competency in a given area.

  • Independent Studies: Other formats, with the help of advisors, can be used by the student. These modules will be designed to aid the student in acomplishing particular educational targets as they work toward demonstrating competency in a given area.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our Master's Program or have any questions about Cascade.