The Master's Program M.Div. track exists to train high caliber, servant-leaders to serve Jesus and his Church.

Our Master's Program M.Div track is designed so that the student will be extensively equipped to serve in a variety of ministry capacities. This is a non-linear, competency based, cohort oriented track in which the student is developed with a team of advisors and in the context of community. The M.Div is the traditional degree for pastors and future pastors seeking an in-depth training in both the academic and pastoral elements of ministry. 

The M.Div is typically completed in no less than 3 years and can be undertaken with minimal travel to the Sioux Falls Seminary campus in Sioux Falls, SD. 

Through this program:

  • The Student will grow in an understanding of who they are in Christ and how to live that identity out in community for God’s glory.

  • The student will grow as a biblical exegete and be prepared to articulate and communicate the gospel to others, in a variety of ways, in a variety of contexts.

  • The student will grow in missiological understanding and ability to effectively communicate the gospel to those operating out of other narrative identities.

  • The student will grow in an ability to BIblically establish, understand, and live in light of a biblical, theological paradigm.

  • The student will grow in an understanding of Church History, a balanced approach to Christian tradition, and our place in history.

  • The student will grow in an understanding of how to live in the wake of the Bible’s ethic, and assess ethical situations in light of the Scriptures.

  • The student will grow as an other-centered, servant-hearted leader and in the ability to participate in a community of servant leaders.

  • The student will grow in an understanding of the grace-based pursuit of Jesus and how to tangibly seek to be spiritually developed in and by Christian community.

  • The student will grow in the mastery of skills specific to a ministry context.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the M.Div. Track or any other Cascade school of theology Program.