The Master of Arts in Bible and Theology track exists to train students to serve Jesus in vocational ministry.

The Master's Program MABT track is designed through the Kairos Project to equip the student with a solid, graduate level, biblical and theological framework for ministry and diciple-making. Through this non-liner, competency based, cohort program, the student will interact with and grow in their understanding of biblical studies, theology, and church history.

The MABT is typically accomplished in no less than 2 years and can be accomplished with no travel to the Sioux Falls Seminary campus in Sioux Falls, SD.

Through this program:

  • The Student will grow in an understanding of who they are in Christ and how to live out that identity, in community, for God’s glory.

  • The student will grow in an ability to interpret scripture and teach it to others.

  • The student will grow in a missiological understanding and ability to effectively communicate the gospel to those operating out of other narrative identities.

  • The student will grow in an ability to Biblically establish, understand, and live in light of their theological paradigm.

  • The student will grow in an understanding of Church History and their approach to Christian tradition.

  • The student will grow in an understanding of a grace-based pursuit of Jesus and how to tangibly seek to be spiritually developed in and by Christian community.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the MABT track or any other Cascade school of theology Program.