Cascade School of Theology Participation Request Form

Steps for entering a Cascade School of theology program.

1. Attend Cascade info meeting or speak to a representative of the program.

2. Submit a Participation Request Form, along with a pastor endorsement form.

3. Download, read, scan, and sign Cascade School of Theology Statement on Doctrine and Conduct.

4. If a prospective student is invited to participate in our program, the student will be referred to our partner Sioux Falls Seminary to complete an application with them. SFS is the final determiner of a student's participation with Cascade.

Cascade School of Theology reserves the right to decline to invite a student to participate in any of our programs without giving specific reasons for denial into a program.

Please allow 5 business days after you have filled out this form and emailed your signed Statement on Doctrine and Conduct for a Cascade representative to contact you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Participation Request Form.

Basic Information
Name *
Address *
Elder Endorcment
CST requires the endorsement of an elder (who is not a parent, close relative, or spouse) where the student is a member. The endorsing elder will need to fill out a form for CST and be willing to possibly participate with a representative of CST regarding your desire to study with our school.
Name of Endorsing Elder *
Name of Endorsing Elder
Understanding About CST Programs
Check all that apply *
The Ministry Support Network is a vital component of the Kairos Program. *
Church Membership *
I understand that participation in this program is contingent upon maintaining membership, in good standing in a healthy church which is in agreement with CST's Doctrinal Essentials. I understand that if for some reason my church teaches or espouses doctrine in conflict with CST's Doctrinal Essentials, it may effect my participation in CST's programs. Likewise, discontinuing membership with a local church may effect my participation in my program. Also, if I am moving to the area it is my responsibility to find and join a church that supports my involvement in CST.
I have read and understand CST's Doctrinal Essentials. I understand that agrrement to the Doctrinal Essentials is requred for all students and staff. *
I have read and understand CST's Doctrinal Distinctives. I understand that these distinctives are required of faculty and staff, but not of students. I have also understood that these represent positions being taught by CST and I understand I do not need to hold or adopt these views to particpate in CST. A the same time, I agree not to undermine these views as I particapte in the program. *
Partnerships *
I understand that Cascade School of Theology is a partnership between a number of organizations and that CST is not an accredited institution. I understand that the accreditation for the program and the degree granting authority comes form CST's partner Sioux Falls Seminary.
I confirm that the above information, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate and truthful. *